The A-Team

Since we are a team of 2 you can be sure that when you email or call you will speak to one of us who knows your project like the back of our own hand.

Crafting the A-Team

Back in August of 2005 in a basement deep underground we started working together creating complex web applications for our day job. When we were not working together during the day we would be designing and developing all by our lonesome on nights and weekends as freelancers. Years would go by talking about this, that, and the other thing about freelance design projects in the BK Lounge (our shared office). We were collaborators by day and competitors by night. This was wicked stupid since we shared the same passion for handmaking great websites for small businesses who pride themselves in the quality of products and services they sell.

Soon it just made sense to combine forces and start a business. Adjacent Concepts, LLC was born September 3rd, 2010.

Over the years of freelancing we were lucky enough to learn the ways of the web in the heart of Boston, MA. We have been able to establish ourselves to clients ranging from small food bloggers to large international research companies.

What Do We Do, Really?

Well, we both design and develop excellent code for websites. We love typography, color theory, textures, grids, and form. Most importantly we like to keep everything simple so that your site will be easy to manage by you, searchable by Google, and most importantly, usable and readable by your users.