Charles River's Virtual IACUC Protocol System

Before we formed Adjacent Concepts I did freelance work. During that time I was a contractor for Charles River building a custom application to help their IACUC Administrator track their animal use protocols.

Charles River is licensed with the USDA, has an assurance statement filed with OLAW as well as being an accredited institution with AAALAC, International. In order to maintain compliance with these agencies, we developed their Virtual IACUC Protocol System (VIPs) for tracking protocols and animal usage. A few of the highlighted features include:

  • Dashboard displaying upcoming protocol renewals
  • Detailed animal quantities and quotas
  • Daily email notifications for protocol renewals
  • Various reports for keeping protocols in check

It was great to work with such an internationally known company and learning how their business operates. Founded in 1947, their history is not only extensive, but very impressive.

At the time this post was written the app has been running for over 2 years within their IACUC department only. However, we have begun discussions again about making more enhancements with hopes to get national usage.

Written on July 11, 2011 by Blain

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