New England Convenience Store Association

Before Adjacent Concepts was founded I was doing a lot of freelance work for people. The New England Convenience Store Association was one of them. My uncle worked as a regional director for a convenience store chain and he referred NECSA to me just to help them update their website. Their old web guy had disappeared and was not returning their calls. From day 1 I knew I wanted to them them a newly designed website and migrated into a CMS so they wouldn't have to rely on me, or anyone for that matter, to update their site. So for about a year I was their website editor taking emails and updating their homepage at a decent rate.

After that year passed NECSA finally got financial approval to move forward with a new redesign so we had our kick-off meeting and got to work. Their sole mission in life is to educate their members of New England convenience store owners of government regulations and legislation. They also hold trade shows and provide training opportunities. This makes their website essential to their existence and they knew it.

Their #1 channel for distributing news was their website homepage so provided them with a rotating banner for high profile news and 6 other news boxes for secondary items. This gives their members a one-stop-shopping experiences to get the information they need and move on. They are not looking for click and visitor retention so they required members be able to hit the homepage, get information, then leave.

At the end of the 6-month project NECSA could not have been happier with the result with not only getting a facelift, but also having control of their content at any time of the day. Training them in the CMS was a breeze since we decided to use Perch CMS to power their site. This basic CMS was a perfect fit given their level of web editing experience.

We would love to work with the folks from NECSA again. They were a wonderful client!


Written on September 27, 2011 by Blain

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