AC 2.0 Redesign

It feels like only yesterday we were filing documents to become a legit small business. September 3rd, 2010 was the official day it all began and we have learned a lot.

  • There is a lot of paperwork
  • Invoicing and time tracking is a necessary evil
  • Getting paid is awesome
  • Working with clients and teaching them the web is very rewarding
  • The web is full of cookie-cutter design shops

We really took the last few points to heart. So, we decided to redesign our site with 2 goals in mind. First, build handmade website with our clients. Second, take the time to teach them. A great website only gets the client so far for so long. Education gives them the tools needed to succeed on the web.

We knew teaching visitors would gain their respect, potentially leading to future business. With that idea we focused things around our blog. Our homepage, in particular, features our latest post on a "whiteboard." It's as if we are standing in front of them writing things out. It also looks wicked cool with the marker typeface and taped photo right?

Once we gained respect, we wanted to make it so easy to contact us it would be silly not to. A giant, mega, ultra, huge footer with our client worksheet, email address, and twitter info to connect with us fit the bill.

And, if that wasn't enough, we wanted to showcase who we are: 2 guys who believe in the quality of a handmade website. So our About page tells clients who we are as humans. Because that is what the web is all about...connecting humans together.

We are pumped about our new site. But we could not have made it this far if it wasn't for our past clients. To them we say, "thank you".

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