Feral CrossFit

My wife and I decided to make drastic changes in our lifestyle. We ended up trying out crossfit at a local gym, Feral CrossFit, that just recently opened. What an experience it was. After running through their Elements course and listening to Noah and Jayson talk so passionately about nutrition and training I knew we had to partner with these guys. Anyone looking for a crossfit gym and landing on their website needed to experience that passion too.

From day one we all knew that we were experts in our fields so it was great to have free reign on the design of the website. It was essential to keep the feel of the website local, personable, energetic, and of course passionate, since that is what generates great business.

When it came time to choose a platform to run the site I immediate gravitated towards Tumblr. It has a very strong community with the "Follow" feature and it makes publishing a cinch. So, during a meeting I had with Jayson, I asked him if he knew what Tumblr was. His response was awesome and so enthusiastic:

Really?! I didn't know you could customize it like that! Rock on!

Love answers like that!

After great teamwork between the Feral guys and I the resulting site is one we are very proud of. We hope you like it too.

Website: http://feral-crossfit.com/

Written on April 17, 2012 by Blain

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