Mini Business Cards for Fellow Geeks

Back in October 2011 Kevin wrote about how we made our first batch of business cards. He never thought we needed them until I finally convinced him it was necessary to have the opportunity to hand them out to potential clients.

Since then I have been going to a lot of social meetups and conferences. I have had the pleasure of meeting some great people in the web industry. Even though us geeks love connecting through the Twitters I found handing out business cards was still very important. However, I was very reluctant to hand out our client-focused cards to other tech people. I had my reasons.

  1. We only had 50 printed for each of us
  2. Those 50 cost $25 (well worth it though)
  3. They had our basic business info, but not personal info

Out of those reasons, number 3 was the most important to me. Whenever I was meeting someone new they were more interested in who I was personally. It was important our business cards reflected that. They can certainly find out company later on, but that personal connection was paramount.

We ended up ordering some Moo Mini Cards since they were the best choice for their purpose. They allow the people we meet to bring that personal connection home with them. It puts a face to our name, Twitter handle, email, and company.

So now we have business cards for 2 purposes.

  1. Establishing a relationship with a potential client with our business
  2. Connecting personally to other colleagues and exchanging information

Both are very different audiences. Both deserving separate business cards.

Maybe you'll get lucky and get one from Kevin or myself soon.

Written on April 27, 2012 by Blain

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