Annette Maggi & Associates, Inc.

The funniest part about doing this project was that Annette used to work at NuVal, LLC. in Braintree, MA and when I was solo freelancing I create a blog for NuVal. As it turns out the blog I made for them, Annette was the writer for that same blog!

Small world.

Annette definitely challenged us with the design for her site. And we are very thankful for that because it is the only way we will get better at what we do. The goal was to create an energetic and vibrant yet professional site to portray her personality. However, the challenging part was to do this related to nutrition, but we ended up not being able to use any food or food industry imagery. Hmm?

After numerous rounds of design mockups we finally landed on a great result. The use of a blue background gave it that business presence, but the softness of the drop shadow around the main content area gave it a more down to earth feeling. The highlight of the design is the rainbow bars and navigation. This spoke to us as relating to vibrant fruit colors while meshing it with the blue to connect both worlds of a business website with personality.

It was a great learning experience for us and we wish Annette the best of luck with her new venture!


Written on June 22, 2012 by Blain

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