Who Believes in You?

Do you believe in your business? Of course you do. If you didn’t, you would be somewhere else. Or you certainly wouldn’t be doing a very good job. But have you ever asked who else does?

The Key: Only Work with those that Believe in You

Working with someone that truly BELIEVES in what you do has an enormous effect. They:

  • have more ideas,
  • take their time where it matters,
  • communicate concerns,
  • and work harder.

Simply put: they produce better work.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Think back to the last thing you did that you believed in. Did you give it your all? Yeah you did! You could see meaning and didn't care about anything else. Your designer should feel the same.

Sounds Great in Theory. Can it Really Work?

We don’t take on a project that we don’t believe in. It would be a disservice to our clients to do otherwise. How can we honestly take on a project if we are not engaged? We wouldn’t enjoy the project. Our work would suffer. And our product wouldn’t meet our standards. That is unacceptable.

On the other side, by taking projects we believe in we have created some fantastic work. If there’s a secret sauce to our business, beyond our talents as a team, this is it.

Your Turn

Want to get the best work out of someone? Ask if they TRULY believe in you.

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Written on August 13, 2012 by Kevin

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